Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Transformation Continues...

So next up was to have a space for my computers and all things techie! So I created a spider man wall.
 I think I will add directions on how to get to specific websites and computer tips to this wall.

Next, up is my science wall. I really wanted a place that reflects inquiry and engineering. So I have a wall where I will post essential questions, observations, scientific arguments, and so on to the wall. I also wanted a space for the kids to get their hands on things and really dig in and learn and build. So I put an inquiry table right in front of the wall. 
 I love the Dark Knight movies! So this wall was super fun to create! See Batman on the left? :)
Next up, my job wall! Love this. Again my creative friend Andrea Knight created these job cards. They are awesome. You can find them at Andrea's Job Cards.
Next up is my new super hero word wall, motivational decoration area, and more! Stay tuned...

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