Monday, July 22, 2013

Transformation Begins

So the last place we left off was with me trying to create a magical place for my students and for myself. I am already beginning to feel the power of my classroom. It feels like a safe place for me. I really hope the kids feel that way as well.

My books are all organized and almost all labeled. I got these really cute book labels from Andrea Knight's store on TpT at Andrea's Book Labels

She is one of my dearest and best friends so she let me modify to make sense for me. So I decided to add numbers to my labels this year. Now each basket has a number. The baskets are filled exactly like I want them with no overcrowding. I think the numbers will help the kids know exactly where to put them back. 90% of my books were labeled by level or genre already. So I am just adding the numbers to the back with the already there labels. I can't wait to see if this organizational idea helps.

Even the ugly book case looks better! I covered it with paper and did the scrunchy boarder around it. I also put it on its side so that I can put things on the top, and so I can reach all the shelves! It was soooo tall, and I am 5'10!
Next, I began decorating the tops of the book case. Some book cases needed to contain more books, because I have so many. Although, I did weed out some really old ones. I was pretty desperate for books way back in the beginning (1997!). I would take just about anything. Now after years of collecting (which means I will probably never get to retire!) I can be a little more picky. I took baskets of old books and created a take home library in one of my closets in the room. It is leveled and ready for the the kids to choose books to take home. I'll still let them take pretty much anything home, but at least they can now pick a bunch to take home for the week.

Here are a few after shots of my new library!

 So my next step... a science wall, technology area,
word wall, job wall, and super hero teams! Stay tuned!


  1. It looks great! I can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. I love, love, love it... there are sooo many books. Your students are going to feel like they're in a bookstore, a fun superhero bookstore! Emily told me today how many books she labeled. 71 baskets?!? That's quite a collection. :)

    This space is such a reflection of you. I'm so glad you love being in it.